Thursday, March 20, 2014


Horrible angle / picture / everything, I know. Annddddd this isn't technically even an OOTD. I wore this outfit the other day to school and just now remembered that I had a mini photoshoot in order to capture at least one decent image. Anyway, this is what I'm left with. 

It's still freezing here, even though it's March, so I tried to dress as warm as possible. (Of course, I step out of school several hours later and I was literally dying of heat stroke so yeah.)

Anyyyyy whooooo, this is what I was wearing. 

top: poncho sweater (not sure)
bottoms: black compression running pants (Old Navy)
socks: maroon tights that I DIYed (Target)
boots: brown riding boots (Macy's)
bracelets: Alex and Ani

Eh, I liked it (and just for the record, it looked cuter in person).

xx Jenna

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