Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Get the Look: Lorde on Rolling Stone!

Hi beauties! 

I said a few posts back that one thing you all should know about me is that I'm a huge MAC fanatic, which is still 100% true. Well, MAC is to makeup as Lorde is to music. 

Okay, that was a horrific analogy. Basically, I'm obsessed with anything and everything to do with Ella Yellich O'Connor at the moment, or better know by her stage name Lorde. Recently on the cover of Rolling Stone, Lorde is a 17 year old girl from New Zealand with 2 Grammys and a #1 hit 'Royals' (I'm sure all of you know that, but I figured it was important to include.)

I could literally go on for days with a Lorde Appreciation post, but that's not what this is (does anyone want one, though? I'd be more than willing! hint hint). I'm completely obsessed with her style and her make for her shoot was completely on pointe. In fact, I loved it so much that I wanted to recreate it here for you guys so you all could get this stunning look as well. It's fairly simple, but I've included step-by-step directions on what to do. Let's begin:

Sephora Bronzer (Bora Bora)
Maybelline Great Lash Lots-of-Lashes
Benefit Gimme Brow (light/medium)
Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick (Black Cherry)
MAC eyeshadows (Espresso / Blanc Type/ Antiqued)
Stila Stay All Day liquid liner
MAC lip pencil (Nightmoth)

Step 1: Start by applying your favorite foundation, concealer, and powder. Her foundation here is quite matte, so be sure to pick a foundation with a fuller coverage and powder-away any shinyness. 

Step 2 (where the fun begins): Lorde is always rocking a big, bold brow and I'm obsessed (question: how many times will I use the word 'obsessed' in this post?) Start by filling in the shape of your brow with a heavy hand using MAC's Espresso eyeshadow (or any shadow that matches your natural hair color.) Feel free to fake a killer arch if you have to. Define and darken your brows further by setting them with Benefit's Gimme Brow. 

Step 3: Prime your eyes and start by swiping a neutral shade of eyeshadow that matches your skin color all over your lids and up to your brown bone. Here, I'm using MAC's Blanc Type. This shouldn't add much of an effect to the overall look - we're only providing a basis for the rest of the eyeshadow and adding a matte highlight. 

Step 4: With MAC's Antiqued and a MAC 217 brush, start by lightly outlining where you want to place the shadow. To achieve Lorde's look, apply the shadow in a dramatic winged shape out towards the end of your brow using a light hand. Using windshield wiper motions, slowly work this color lightly into your crease. Blend, blend, blend. 

Step 5: Apply a thin layer of liquid eyeliner on the top lash line. In this look, Lorde has no wing, but feel free to add one if you feel it adds to the look!

Step 6: Curl and apply your mascara! Lorde's bottom lashes are interestingly more prominent than her upper lashes, so focus the mascara there. Apply only a thin coat to the upper lashes so they don't look like falsies. 

Step 7: This may sound odd, but contour using a color that matches the color of your eyeshadow you applied. (Sephora's Bora Bora bronzer is awfully similar to MAC's Antiqued eyeshadow.) Suck in your cheeks, make a fishy face, and contour till you're blue in the face! This is applied with a heavy hand, so go wild with it. We don't want to look muddy, though! (There's a fine line between 'chiseled' and 'dirty-looking.')

Step 8: Last, but not least, line and fill in your lips with a purple-red lip liner. Apply some matching lipstick (this color is perfect - not too purple and not too red) and you're all set!

Congrats! You just mastered the art of Ella Yellich O'Connor and I'm sure you all look fabulous.

Do you guys want to see any other celebrity-inspired looks? Let me know!

xx Jenna

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