Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Start to 2014

Hola fellow bloggers!

It's only the 2nd day (technically the 3rd since I am typing this past 2 in the morning) into 2014 but so far it's been quite thrilling *insert sarcasm here.*

On January the 1st, I was informed that my winter holiday would be extended another several days, as we would be expecting nearly 2 feet of snow. Yikes. As any teenager on winter holiday would be, I was ecstatic, to say the least, as I could now stay up all night diving into Netflix and left over holiday foods -side note: I just finished watching 13 hours of Lost.

I figured with the nearing snow we were expecting on Thursday night (yesterday if you were unaware *insert more sarcasm*) I would spend the morning running around the mall, spending the last few gift cards I was given for Christmas. Clearly, that was not the case. It started snowing before I was even awake and has kept going strong. I'd say we're already up to about 12 inches.

To make the new year even better, I was just informed that I have an assignment due tomorrow night (tonight) and I have yet to even pick up the book I was supposed to be reading these last few weeks (Any of y'all ever read Huckleberry Finn?)

And to wrap up these last couple of days, being snowed in means being able to eat only the food you have laying around your house, so that "2014 Diet" has to be pushed back a few days, considering I had a nice healthy dinner of Kettlecorn and Hershey Kisses.

2014 : 1
Jenna : 0

If this is any sign to how the rest of the year will be? Oh boy, it'll be a doozy.

How has your year been so far? Leave a comment letting me know!

xx Jenna

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