Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Hello fellow internet junkies!

2013 has officially come and gone and it's safe to say that I accomplished absolutely zero of last year's resolutions - weigh less, workout more, become more organized, procrastinate less.  This year, I'm determined to  accomplish these simple goals and meet a few new ones. This year I hope to finally get my blog and my video blogs up and running consistently and, more importantly, uploaded and completed to my fullest potential and at their highest quality. (I'm not sure if that sentence was grammatically correct, but you get the idea.)

This year should be the year where we  complete all the little oddities we never have. This year we should become a better me and live our life to our fullest potential.

Here's a little list of some tasks I hope to accomplish in the coming year:
1. For one day, say yes to absolutely everything.
2. Keep a jar of keepsake memories throughout the year, and revisit them in December.
3. Turn off all electronic devices for an entire day (I have just cleverly decided to call this my "Technology Detox.")

If I happen to come across any other ideas, I will absolutely be sure to let you know. Until then, I hope to blog multiple times a week to stay in touch with you all.

May 2014 bring you all health and happiness. Take this year to live life large.


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