Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Superlatives: Best Beauty Products

Hey everyone!

One of my favorite types of blog posts to read, or YouTube videos to watch, are "favorites"lists - more specifically, end-of-the-year "favorites" lists. If you're unfamiliar with this type of material, it's basically where bloggers/gurus gather together their top products of that year and describe in detail why those products have stuck out above all the others.

To be quite honest, I hesitated on doing this type of blog post because I find it quite difficult to find products that I absolutely adore. I wouldn't want to show you all products that were just okay. But have no fear! After thoroughly looking through the beauty products in my collection, I found twelve products that I fell in love with throughout 2013. Surprising, I know, but I can completely say that these products have all earned their spot on my "favorites" list. Okay, enough rambling. Let's begin:

1. Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

Oh my goodness. This mascara. Enough said. Buuuttttttt, I can't stop raving about this product. Imagine Benefit They're Real, but for only $5!!! Definitely a holy grail product. Curls, volumizes, lengthens, and defines lashes all at the same time.

2. Essie Butler Please

Funny story about this product. I had my eye on this color for months. Every time I walked into a store, this polish immediately caught my eye. When I finally decided to take a closer look at it, I read the name as Butter Please and thought "Wow, I need this product just because the name is hysterical." I found out a month later that I completely misread it. Either way, it's a beautiful color that I continue to reach for again and again, which I rarely do, so I have to include it in my favorites, right? Right. 

3. Revlon Black Cherry

Safe to say that this color sparked my love affair with dark berry colors. I did an entire post on this lip color. Check that out. 

4. E.O.S. lip balms

I have chapped lips all the time and nothing has ever worked for me. Besides this lip balm. It comes in great scents (flavors?) with corresponding colors and in a cute little egg shaped package. How could you resist?

5. NYX Mauve blush

Okay, sadly this color isn't quite showing up on camera, but trust me: it's worth it to go to your local store and check it out. I honestly can't even correctly describe this color. I guess mauve would suffice *more sarcasm* but seriously. It has purple-pink-brown undertones. Gorgeous for a natural blush. Buildable for a dramatic blush. Or make a statement and wear it as a bronzer *gasp.*

6. Sephora Airbrush Concealer brush #57

I included this brush in my favorites when I realized that I literally use this brush for everything. I bought this brush a little over a year ago, but just fell in love with it recently. It's perfect for precise contouring along the cheekbone, swiping a color all over the lid, blending eyeshadow, and of course, blending concealer. It does exactly what the name says it does. Give it a try. 

7. Urban Decay Naked3

Okay, I literally had to include this palette. I'm sure you have all seen it by now, but if not? Please take a look. It's stunning. But honestly, any Naked palette belongs on this list. Sooooo, yeah. There's that. 

8. Simple Facial Cleansing wipes

I have very pale, sensitive, acne prone skin, so skin care products make me very nervous. The Simple brand, however, is light on the skin while still leaving it clean and refreshed. I use this facial cleansing wipes to remove makeup, oils, and dirt from my pores before completing my night time routine, or after I wake up for a pick-me-up for my skin.

9. Clinique 3 Step System

This is the night time routine I just previously mentioned. Any acne system that I've tried before has either burned my skin or caused me to breakout even more. Not this one. I've noticed less redness, hyper pigmentation, oil, shine, and blemishes since using this product, which is literally a miracle. If you have a skin type like me, please please please try this routine. 

10. Salon Graffix Shaping Hair Spray

An odorless hairspray that doesn't leave little white flakes in your hair? Or leave it crunchy? Or knot your hair? Sign me up.

11. / 12. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe texturizing spray / Kinky Moves curl creme

I included these two products together because this is my everyday hair routine. I've probably repurchased these two products at least a dozen times, which is a record setting number for me. I've never been happier with my hair than when I use these two products together. The first separates the curls and adds life back to them, while the second locks them in place and defines each one. If you have kinky-curly hair like I do, I highly recommend these products together. 

Phew! Well that's everything! My first ever Yearly Favorites blog post! Did you like it? Let me know! And be sure to leave a comment telling me if you want a further, more in-depth review on any of these products.

Until next time beauties!

xx Jenna

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