Monday, May 5, 2014

Chit Chat: Upcoming Collections

So I wanted to take this post just to kind of talk to you guys.

MAC has some upcoming collections that I am just dying to get my hands on. I know for a fact that a Lorde collection and a Maleficent collection are coming out (Lorde and MAC have tweeted about them).

I'm thinking the collections are going to look relatively similar. I imagine the Lorde collection will have some neutral eye shades with some dark berrys and reds for the lips. And for Maleficent, I imagine quite a few blacks and purples, as well. 

Does anyone else have any ideas?

I'm also eager to find out if Sephora will release another Disney collection soon!

Unfortunately, I never got my hands on any of the previous collections (although I tried my best to get the Ariel palette).

I've heard some rumors that Belle and Aurora will be next, but I haven't seen any official release dates, or talk of these collections!

Anyone have any ideas?

What upcoming collections are you guy looks forward to?

xx Jenna

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