Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Impression: Covergirl Outast 3 in 1 Foundation

What's happening internet junkies? I'm back with a first time first impression post for all of y'all. I'm super excited so I hope you guys are, too!

Today, I'll be trying out the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation (phew, try saying that 5 times fast.) Now, this foundation isn't necessarily new, but I haven't seen a ton of blog posts or videos talking about this product.

I heard about this foundation through Beautybaby44 and MissMeghanMakeup over on YouTube. They  both rave about this product, but if I'm being totally honest? I'm kind of a makeup snob and prefer products at Sephora rather than drugstore ones, mostly because I've had some seriously (emphasis on the "seriously") bad experiences with drugstore makeup.

Okay, enough rambling! Let's begin:

This is the packaging:

According to the bottle, this foundation has the lasting power of a primer, the coverage of concealer, and the blend-ability of a foundation.

I applied the foundation with my BeautyBlender sponge around 1:00 P.M. The foundation goes on smooth and blends easily, but the sponge seemed to absorb most of the product. (Side note = I aplpied this foundation with a flat top brush the next day and did not enjoy the feeling it left on my skin. The BeautyBlender is the way to go. I've noticed that if you apply this foundation rapidly with the BeautyBlender, then less product is absorbed by the sponge.)

 The coverage is great and buildable without getting cakey, and it leaves a matte finish. Those of you with dry skin may want to shy away from this product, but oily, combination, and normal skin will do fine. 

This definitely feels like a your-skin-but-better foundation; it's not sitting on my skin, moving around. It stayed in place and feels like I'm wearing nothing. 

I kept the foundation on for about five hours before removing, but it still looked like I had just applied it! 

1. Comes with cap AND lock-in-place pump, so it'll be almost impossible for spillage. 
2. Pump is super convenient for easy applications. 
3. Pump disperses foundation in small amounts, so you're not wasting any product. 
4. Left a beautiful matte-but-not-dead finish. 
5. Stayed in place longer than any foundation I own (yes, even high end ones.)
6. I only needed one layer to cover imperfections, but it was still easy to build and blend where I needed it. 

1. Liquidy product, so sponge absorbs some of the product. 
2. On certain skin tones, this foundation could oxidize a tad and appear darker than the shade you  purchased.  This only seems to happen on my skin when I wear this foundation for a longer period of time. Even then, it's only even SLIGHTLY noticeable in certain light settings. (For reference, I am the lightest shade - 805 Ivory. )

Overall, I highly recommend this foundation. To be honest, I was expecting to not like it whatsoever, but I honestly think I've just found my everyday, go-to foundation!

I'm thinking of posting pictures of a makeup look featuring this foundation. What do you guys think? Let me know!

Until next time beauties! Keep on smiling

xx Jenna

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